Suncatcher G3 X324 RS

Suncatcher G3 X324 RS
Luxury from bow to stern. The SunCatcher X324 RS provides the comfort of home with on-water adventure. Ski, swim, cruise, or just cove out and relax. It’s your call with this versatile pontoon. But be prepared, once you’re watching the sunset in the comfort of the plush stern seating, you’re not likely to move. So relax and enjoy, the name says it all, SunCatcher.
  • Top of the line boats
  • Multiple drop offs location
  • Voted best charter service in kelowna
  • Experienced captain for a stress free day
  • Discounted fuel rates
  • Best prices in kelowna
  • Visit any lake in the okanagan
  • Guaranteed great time or your money back!


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Note: Actual boat and specs may vary from pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

In all of our rentals we include a cooler as well as safety life jackets for everyone on board. Watersports package: 2 phase five surf boards for children and adults.

(Tube, wakeboard and water skis available upon request)

The meeting location will be at the Water St boat launch, downtown Kelowna, at the dock.

1354 Water St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9R3

We hold $500 security deposit on booked charters in case there is any severe damage to the boat in any way. Boat rental without driver we hold a $2000 damage deposit via cash or card that will be returned to the customer when the boat returns to us without any damages.


Gas is not included and will be billed after the charter or rental at a discounted rate

Although there is no possible way to determine how much fuel your boat will use. Many factors play into fuel consumption such as the distance you travel, the motor size, the speed you drive, the number of people in your party, wind resistance, what types of watersports you do etc.
Our best guess on an 8 hr rental can range from – $80 – $300.
Always ensure you check your fuel gauge if in need of fuel. First, use the 1/3 rule. One third of your fuel going out, 1/3 coming home and 1/3 for what you didn’t expect.
Please note there is a rescue fee starting at $200.
Fuel is not included in the rental fees.

If in a scenario where the weather does not permit safe boating conditions or if mechanical issues arise before your rental then you will receive a full refund. Please note that we do not allow cancellations due to overcast weather or slightly unfavorable conditions.

Single and Half day rentals
100% refund with over 72 hours (-$25 Cancellation fee)
50% refund with under 72 hours notice
NO refund within 24 hours of rental and the provided credit card will be charged for the full duration of the rental period that was booked.

Multi day rentals
100% refund with over 2 weeks notice (-$25 Cancellation Fee)
50% refund with over 1 weeks notice
NO refund under 1 weeks notice of the rental and the provided credit card will be charged for 1 full day of the rental period that was booked.

Please note there is a $25 cancellation fee at the time of cancellation.

Yes, all of our boats are provided with life jackets and all safety equipment required by Transport Canada.

If you don’t have a boat license, we will perform a walk-around safety briefing of the boat with you and familiarize you with its controls before you leave the boat launch. In addition, we will teach you how to operate the the boat safely and what to do in the event of an emergency.
Once we have completed the walk-around, we will provide you with a temporary license that serves as proof of your ability/competency to operate the boat.
Renting a boat gets you the boat and you are responsible for safely operating the boat on your own.
Chartering a boat gets you the boat rental with one of our experienced captains for a stress free day on the lake. We drive and navigate the lake so that you don’t have to. You can kick back and relax knowing that the safety of you and everyone on board is our top priority.
Bathing suit & Towels
Music playlist
Cooler with ice
Water to keep you hydrated
Cell phone
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